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TPSG offers a full range of services to individuals and businesses in the area of skilled, business and family-based immigration. The team of professionals along with support staff at TPSG have considerable experience in dealing with the complexities of the immigration process.

At TPSG, we take pride in representing all immigration classes. Our services provide the necessary means and support for qualifying candidates wishing to obtain permanent residency and citizenship.

TPSG can supply you with expert advice and guidance through a sometimes very complicated, demanding and time consuming immigration process.

At all times, TPSG focuses on improving performance in each of our affairs in order to achieve strong, consistent and superior results for all of our clients. Our focus is to allow to process applications as quickly and as smoothly as possible. At TPSG, confidentiality is guaranteed and all information submitted by our clients is considered privileged material.

Our role is to represent each case in the strongest light possible and to act as a facilitating liaison between you and the Embassy Immigration Services, thereby saving you time, money and aggravation. TPSG has the pleasure to deal with clients from around the world. We are extremely proud of each of our members. Our team strives to offer our clients highly professional advice, support and guidance. Our professionalism and dedication has allowed us to obtain exceptional success rates in processing immigration claims for our clients. We fiercely challenge ourselves , by this, we assure you that under the exceptional circumstance that the immigration authorities do not accept your application; you might be eligible for a refund of the fees paid to TPSG.

By placing your trust in TPSG we will make it our objective to ensure that your dreams of a life are fulfilled. Go ahead, have a safe and successful journey.